Counselor for Torrington Location-Wynnewood


Responsibilities to Clients

  • Ensure the safety and security of clients by means of regularly scheduled checks on the wellbeing of clients and the facility
  • Maintain a caseload
  • Facilitate individual, group, and family sessions
  • Educate and assist clients with community reintegration, accessing community supports, and relapse prevention skill building
  • Assist clients with evaluating their skills, assets and needs through the completion of an assessment tool utilized by the program for each client
  • Assist clients in planning and developing a recovery plan based on the clients stated strengths and needs
  • Assist clients in planning and attaining their individual goals as directed
  • Assist in providing individualized supportive services required by each client, such as assisting clients in completing forms and applications, accessing medical services, providing referrals for mental health needs, applying for entitlements, assisting with accessing or providing transportation, and accompanying clients to meetings or appointments as needed
  • Provide linkages to community providers and supports
  • Assist client with the development of a comprehensive discharge plan


  • Meet regularly with program staff for discussion, guidance and monitoring of each client
  • Continue education and training to enhance knowledge and skills
  • Meet regularly with the Clinical Consultant
  • Act in an ethical and responsible manner in all work related to clients



Responsibilities to Staff


  • Consult with and assist other staff in carrying out the day to day activities of the program
  • Communicate all pertinent information to staff in a timely manner.
  • Provide in-services to staff on recently attended trainings
  • Assist in the training of new staff
  • Collaborate with other members of the program staff


Recordkeeping/Documentation Responsibilities

  • Document accurately, following agency procedures, completely and in a timely fashion all interactions, important events, progress changes, incidents, accidents, and any other pertinent information about each client.
  • Maintain the client record of all primary caseload client files
  • Document services provided in an accurate and timely fashion
  • Report to referral sources as required
  • Provide reports as required by Program Director


  • Maintain clients’ confidentiality at all times
  • Collaborate with other staff in carrying out the duties discussed in addition to all other aspects of the program
  • Develop and maintain communication with other staff
  • Participate in regularly scheduled and special meetings with other staff to enhance the agency’s effectiveness

Programmatic Responsibilities

  • Provide evening, weekend, and holiday coverage as required
  • Participate in program planning and implementation
  • Attend training related to best practices and other relevant topics
  • Other Duties as assigned by Program Director


Skills Required: Organizational ability, initiative, consideration of others, excellent written and oral communication skills.  Evidence of ability to exercise discretion and sound judgment in decision- making

Minimum Qualifications: Valid CT Driver’s License, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, or related field, or an Associate’s Degree and 2 years paid experience in a related field. Demonstrated interest in planning and pursuing educational studies that will enhance job performance.

Supervised By: Program Director

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