Food Service Coordinator

Job Description

Duties:  Accountable for all activities related to the food service and for the instruction of residents, including but not limited to the following activities:

  • Instruct clients in the elements of meal-planning, nutrition, portion control, food shopping, cooking and safe food handling
  • Work with clients to prepare and serve meals
  • Teach clients the proper and necessary elements of hygienic maintenance of food supplies, food preparation equipment, kitchen appliances and utensils
  • Instruct clients in elements of proper nutrition
  • Teach clients how to plan for meals and to follow an established menu
  • Encourage a sense of personal responsibility
  • Assist clients in transferring knowledge of food service to the needs of a smaller group, e.g., individual meal-planning  
  • Serve as a positive and healthy role-model for clients
  • Supervise clients during the preparation and serving of meals as well as kitchen clean-up
  • Communicate with clients in a respectful and compassionate manner

Skills Required: Initiative, creativity, and high energy level.  The ability and willingness to teach clients.  Reliability and efficiency. Knowledge of nutritional guidelines and safe food handling, a commitment to healthy nutrition

Minimum Qualifications: 

A high school diploma or its equivalency, two years of food service experience. A valid CT Drivers license.

To Apply:  Please send resume to:

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