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Program Overview

    1. The facility is located in a pleasant residential area on Tudor Street and is a convenient walking distance from downtown for buses and stores.  The clients are provided with either a fully furnished single or double bedroom.  Shared common rooms include a kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry area.

    2. Glenlunan serves adults, eighteen and older, with a primary psychiatric diagnosis referred by the local mental health authority for a group home level of care. The program is designed to build individuals’ skills to enable them to move onto more independent living. Skill building is offered in both individual and group sessions. Optimal individual growth is experienced by residents who fully participate in program activities. Each resident is expected to participate in a minimum of forty hours per month of treatment focused activities.

  1. Individual, group and family counseling

    1. Each resident meets with an assigned Primary Counselor for a minimum of one weekly individual session.  Together, the Primary Counselor and resident formulate a Recovery Plan, incorporating treatment goals and objectives which focus on utilizing and enhancing the resident’s assets and addressing the resident’s needs, based on the clinical assessment. The Recovery Plan will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis.

    2. Group counseling is provided through a broad spectrum of groups and programming to educate, inform and teach new coping skills.  The groups are varied to meet the individual needs of the residents.  Residents have the opportunity to learn about themselves, to offer support to others and to grow from feedback given to them.

    3. Family sessions will be conducted by the Primary Counselor with a resident and those people a resident wishes to have involved in his or her recovery process while in the program.  Family sessions are encouraged in order for the resident to enhance family relationships, to increase natural supports and to educate family members and significant others.  Families and significant others are welcome to attend educational and social events.

  2. Daily educational groups

    1. Educational groups explore issues including medication education, symptom management, emotional identification, anger management, relationships, communication skills, and health care and safety.

    2. One goal of Glenlunan is to celebrate the diversity of the residents and expose the residents to the diverse cultures of people in the community.  To help accomplish this, the program offers a monthly Cultural Awareness Day complete with a discussion about a particular culture and its history, music and a meal that represents numerous foods from the culture.

  3. Supervised, structured activities of daily living

    1. Staff members assist residents in an individual or group setting to help foster growth in the areas of budgeting, socialization, and basic living skills.  Activities include social outings to encourage community interaction.

    2. Household chores, cleaning, cooking, menu planning and shopping are taught by staff and are a shared responsibility among residents. Ample opportunity is available for residents to participate every day in some form of leisure/recreational activity.  Every effort is made to accommodate individual needs and areas of interest to prepare residents for the next level of independent living.

  4. Discharge planning

    1. Residents and Primary Counselors begin to explore the skills the resident will need to build and strengthen, to discuss his or her desired length of stay, and to plan for the next level of independence.  Planning for discharge begins during the first month to ensure that all these areas are addressed throughout treatment.

    2. Discharge planning includes assistance to find suitable housing, financial resources, after care treatment and social support.

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