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  1. Program Overview

    1. In fulfilling the mission of Central Naugatuck Valley Help Incorporated, The Travisano Network is committed to the re-socialization of clients and their full reintegration into the community while improving the quality of their lives.  The program provides a holistic approach to the recovery process.  The program goals include helping clients develop basic values and healthy behaviors, along with work and social skills that are consistent with conduct of responsible members of society.

    2. Individual counseling is provided to all clients. Individual sessions focus on the development of an individual recovery plan with measurable objectives based on the client’s strengths and needs.

    3. Clients receive a certificate of completion for all the treatment groups they complete and for the completion of their treatment.  Evidence based curriculum is utilized in all of the treatment groups.

  2. Intensive Outpatient Program: This program is designed for men and women requiring a more supportive and structured experience. The IOP meets for three hours per day, up to four days per week. The program includes substance abuse and recovery education, skill building, and group therapy. Upon completion of the IOP, clients will transition to the network’s outpatient counseling services program.

  1. Social Reunification services including parenting classes, domestic violence education, family counseling, domestic violence groups, and individual counseling. The target length of participation for social reunification services is fourteen weeks.

    1. Parenting Group:  This ten week workshop for men and women will teach clients to build positive parenting skills, children’s self-esteem, communication skills, and problem solving skills, which are woven throughout the curriculum.

    2. Women’s Domestic Violence Education Group:  This workshop for women will provide education about the various types of abuse that occur, facts about domestic violence, and options that exist for women who are experiencing domestic violence.  Referrals will be made to other community providers for women who would benefit from domestic violence counseling.

    3. Men’s Domestic Violence Group:  This ten week workshop for men is designed to help clients recognize behaviors that have led to problems in intimate relationships.  This group explores how violent behaviors developed and teaches how to develop new behaviors.  This group also provides assistance with learning new coping skills to deal with anger.

    4. Family Counseling:  These counseling sessions help clients to address issues such as substance abuse, relapse prevention, parenting issues, couples issues, and re-unification issues that the family/significant other and client identify as needs.

  2. Behavioral Health services include anger management, gender specific substance abuse groups, mental health referrals, urinalysis screening, and individual counseling. The target length of participation for behavioral health services is fourteen weeks.

    1. Anger Management:  This ten week workshop for men and women will teach techniques and interventions that clients can apply in future anger-provoking situations.

    2. Men’s Substance Abuse Group:  This eight week group series for men provides critical education regarding addiction, alcohol and drugs, their effects on the body and mind, and helps group participants explore their own recovery, learn cognitive behavioral techniques, and develop relapse prevention plans.

    3. Women’s Substance Abuse Group:  This eight week program for women is a gender specific, compassionate, holistic approach to substance abuse treatment.  This group series focuses on women’s issues, including defining one’s sense of self, exploring family of origin, creating healthy relationships and support systems, as well as the roles of spirituality and meditation in recovery.

    4. Mental Health Services:  This service provides a comprehensive and ongoing medication management and support. Referral to a higher level of care will be made when appropriate based on the client’s needs.

    5. Urinalysis Screening and/or Screening Swabs: Will be conducted at least twice monthly for clients referred for substance abuse.

  3. Employment services include a combination of individual counseling and employment workshops designed to assist clients with securing and maintaining employment. The target length of participation for employment services is eight weeks.

    1. Employment Workshops:  This six week long workshop series covers topics including transition from incarceration to employment, job search strategies, application and resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job retention skills.

    2. Individual Employment Services:  These services include completion of an employment/vocational assessment, development of an Employment Plan, referrals to program’s job bank, use of program’s computer, and ongoing support to clients to increase job retention and address on the job problems or concerns.

  4. Discharge Planning

    1. Referrals and Aftercare Arrangements:  Clients are provided with referrals to local community resources for aftercare services based on their needs. Clients are also provided with a booklet detailing community resources for the following services:  basic needs, cash entitlements, dental, education, employment, housing, medical, mental health, vocation, and substance abuse counseling.

    2. Relapse Prevention Plan:  Prior to a client’s completion of the program a relapse prevention plan is developed and customized to meet a client’s needs.  The plan is created for the clients to use as a tool to assist them in maintaining their sobriety and to implement techniques discussed throughout treatment in their daily lives.

    3. Follow Up Care:  Staff will contact clients 30, 60, and 90 days after they have left treatment.  During the follow up staff offers continued support and assistance to the client and offers recommendations for treatment based on the client’s needs.

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